Spitfire’s “Planning to Win” Looks Fantastic

I’m a tip and tool junkie in a lot of ways. I have folders in Google Docs devoted to whitepages, interactive tools, and even templates that will save time for me or others. If a friend calls or emails asking for help, I always turn to those folders to see what I can provide that will help (I adore that Hubspot, realizing that most people don’t have Photoshop, provides templates in PowerPoint so that anyone can put together a good looking image post).

Here’s the latest tool I love — Spitfire’s “Planning to Win” campaign tool. Spitfire Strategies is a cool company I learned about when my old coworker/friend, Adam went to work for them. They work with nonprofits and use their marketing knowledge to help nonprofits raise funds and deploy campaigns. Pretty neat, eh?

Try the tool and let me know what you think! I, for one, am very impressed!

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