At long last, more than 2 years after we got married (which was very soon after I was diagnosed with cancer), Jarrod and I are going on our honeymoon!

While we’re not expecting anything, but some people have said that they want to help. If you are so inclined (again, we are emphatically *not* expecting anything), we will kindly accept help through Bethany’s PayPal account (it’s under her gmail address).

Because we don’t know when I’ll next be up for a big trip, we’re going really big and spending three weeks in Australia and New Zealand in early 2018. It’s far enough out that I should be able to have regained most of the strength I lost while I was receiving Doxorubicin, but close enough that I’m not overly worried about being in another phase of treatment at that point in time.

Some of our expected, roughly estimated costs are (in US dollars):

  • Hotels: $100-$200 a night depending on the city and hotel, so, around $3,500 total. Hopefully we can successfully aim more toward the $100 range than the $200 range.
  • Travel/MedVac Insurance Policy: $300ish. My oncologist has strongly urged me to get this as a “just in case” since stage iv cancer isn’t always the most predictable.
  • Meals Out: $50-90 per person per day. Again this varies a lot and, as you’ll see from the special excursions, the few fancy meals out in which we’re hoping to indulge (since it is our honeymoon) are on the high end. We’re hoping to offset some of those with other days where we grab a croissant for breakfast or find inexpensive fish and chips.
  • Travelling from Australia to New Zealand: $400 (total for both of us)
  • Winery and brewery visits: Greatly varying — some we might do on our own, others we might indulge in a tour service depending on how difficult the driving looks and how many stops we’ll be making that day (some of the roads in New Zealand look a little scary to me and we’re opposed to even slightly buzzed driving!) This means it could be anywhere from $10 at one winery for tastings to $150 for a chauffeured brewery or winery tours with food included in New Zealand
  • Car rental: $420
  • Special Excursions and Treats:
    • Colonial Tramcar Restaurant –$90-130 per person depending on which type of seating is available while we’re in Melbourne. This is a restored tramcar decorated in the colonial style with a multi-course meal leisurely traveling from Melbourne to St. Kilda and back during the meal. Amazing food that also hits up our love of history? We’re really excited!
    • Healesville Animal Sanctuary: $36 per person to visit this renowned sanctuary for native Australian wildlife
    • Tour of Sydney Opera House: $30ish per person
    • Possibly trail riding by the Blue Mountains: $60-90 per person depending on where and if wine is included for Jarrod. This seems an easier way to see the Blue Mountains than some of the 4 hour hikes. I’m planning to get to where I can do a little hiking, but 4 hours seems like a stretch!
    • The aforementioned winery/brewery tours 🙂
    • The Auckland Museum — Tamaki Maenga Hira $18-$40 per person, depending on if we see a Maori cultural performance.
    • Lake Taupo Mine Bay Maori Rock Carving cruise with narration of Maori mythology: $15-$30 per person depending on tour
    • Other aboriginal and Maori cultural visits
    • Other museums

As you can see, Jarrod and I are incredibly excited for our honeymoon. We consider ourselves grateful that my doctors have approved me to fly and have arranged my chemo schedule to allow for the trip. It’s becoming more common for doctors to talk about treating the whole person, but having oncologists who believe that it’s genuinely important for us to take our honeymoon? That’s something wonderful for which we consider ourselves tremendously lucky. I expect that up until I fly out, I’ll be dreaming of koalas, and that afterwards I’ll be able to remember the ones I really got to see on this once-in-a-lifetime trip with the love of my life. My parents loved to travel together and go on adventures. I feel lucky that I get to go on this amazing adventure with my incredible spouse and that we get to escape the realities of bloodwork and infusions to simply be two people in love exploring a different continent. How awesome is that?