Ways To Help

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have an amazing community of people who, for reasons I don’t entirely grasp, want to help Jarrod and me through this. If you are looking for a way to help, there are ideas below. Don’t feel pressured though. Honestly, a kind word with a note that I don’t need to immediately respond does a lot to lift my spirits when I’m crabby, in pain, and generally grumpy.

  • Donate to support the amazing work Hopkins is doing in researching and treating gynecologic cancers at bit.ly/cancerpenguins
  • In general, Jarrod and I deeply appreciate prayers/spells/well-wishes/vibes/intentions/hopes; cards; and cute animal pictures.
  • If you live near us, an occasional text when you’re heading to the grocery store could mean that Jarrod doesn’t have to run out if we’re low on whatever the one item is that I’m craving that particular week (chemo really has done a number on my eating habits and sense of taste).
  • If you’re good at it, I’d love for a friend to paint my nails. It sounds absurd, but I’m not supposed to get commercial manicures unless the place is hospital grade, but I genuinely suck at painting my own nails. They aren’t too discolored this time around (yet) but my thumbs are starting to show a little bit of weirdness.
  • Check in with us once in awhile and don’t take it personally if we don’t get back to you right away. We’re a little flakey trying to balance life/cancer/etc, but really love hearing from our friends/family.
  • Make sure your senators and representatives know that you believe access to affordable care is important to you.
  • If you might be up for driving me to appointments or cooking if things get really rough in the future, please fill out the Betharmy Recruitment Form so that my amazing sister can make sure we all stay organized. Please don’t stop by unannounced. I could be napping, feeling unwell, or just simply not wanting to see people for whatever reason that day.